We choose Stageline® because of the quality of their products, the ingenuity of their designs, and their impeccable safety record.

We encourage everyone (even our competitors, promoters and purchasers) to be aware of and familiar with the federal, state and local codes, OSHA requirements, and the ANSI ESTA industry standards. Ask for wind and load calculations/ratings on stages to submit along with your event permit, and to your insurance company. Fire retardant certificates and fire extinguishers should be up to date and made available on site. Make sure the wind and weather is being monitored during the event. Know what kind of safety factors are being calculated into rigging and fly-points, and how much weight is being applied. Have safety meetings and emergency action plans, ask questions, and challenge your contractors and personnel. If they are not knowledgable and safety driven, use someone who is.

KNE Staging_Stage Rental Milwaukee_State of Wisconsin Certification

Wind Safety

Highest wind resistance in the industry.

80 mph without wind walls.
60 mph with wind walls.

Design Safety

Stageline® mobile stages are designed, engineered and purposely built to be safely transported, safely operated and safely used outdoors.

Engineering Safety

Fully insured, all of our technicians are Stageline® certified & all of our units are engineer-certified.

Here is what Yvan Miron, President & CEO of Stageline, has to say about the safety of Stageline Mobile Stages…

Following the tragic accidents in Indiana and Belgium and other recent incidents that involved constructed roof stages, the outdoor event industry and the public at large are asking and entitled to know if outdoor stage installations are safe.

The answer is a definite yes for Stageline mobile staging technology. Stageline heavy duty stages are specifically designed, engineered and purposely built to be safely transported, safely erected and safely used outdoors.

Many times over, they have proven to remain safe while protecting gear and people throughout the most extreme weather conditions.  Our commitment has always been to provide such a safe staging environment to fellow workers, musicians, organisers and audiences. Stageline mobile stages are now used in over 10 000 events every year in more than 35 countries.  In 25 years, no Stageline stage has fallen or collapsed.

Unlike constructed roof stages Stageline mobile stages are pre-assembled staging structures composed of heavy panels that unfold hydraulically and sequentially into a self standing covered stage.  Labor and set up are reduced by 90% compared to  constructed roof and stage structures thus reducing the risk of human errors and accidents.

We work with the highest design, engineering and safety criteria, 80mph to 90mph (145km/h) – depending on the model – for the staging structure without wind walls and 60 mph,(100km/h) with wind walls*.

All our mobile stages are designed and tested at the plant with load criteria up to 2.5 times the permitted load.